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Movement Wisdom

That is what learning is. You suddenly understand something you've understood all your life, but in a new way. —Doris Lessing

Experience Movement Differently ” I say that often when I’m inviting others into the world of somatic movement… what do I mean by that?

As we change or mature through our life experiences, some more traumatic than others, so does our body and movement.

Similar to intellectual learning, as you mature you learn to foster intellectual growth and enlightenment. This constant learning and awareness gives way to new understandings and Wisdom follows.

The same is true for the body. Without awareness, we have changed the way we walk, reach, stand, sit and move. Somatic movement will enlighten you and allow you to gain awareness: Movement Wisdom.

To understand more deeply requires you to be open to the ideas of feeling and understanding yourself in movement differently and be willing to forfeit movement patterns that are holding you back.

Thus, allowing you to restore a sense of freedom and vitality in your body and movement.

Every movement, every body, every feeling, every imagery has a slightly different hue each time we encounter it with true awareness.

The wonder of this is that our movement can be Forever Enriched, Forever Fresh: Movement Wisdom is Where Science meets the Healing art of Movement.

Dana D. LaSota, MS

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