Movement Learning and Feeling

VS. Movement Mimicking

~Power Thru Movement (PTM) encompasses training from the Franklin Method®  using Dynamic Neuro-Cognitive Imagery (DNI™) which is a codified method of imagery training for movement and postural rediscovering.

~ Individuals eventually embody this information to make positive change, which creates freedom of movement and mind.

PTM is unique physical and kinesthetic understanding of our body parts and their relationship to each other and our mind.

  • One learns about their body's connections by feeling and attending to the power producing body parts...all while moving!

  • The use of imagery, the body's natural rhythm and the power of  belly breathing are combined with movement, floor work, and guidance of the body while moving to permit greater flow of movement and access efficient energy points to improve: posture, suppleness in joints,  central strength and flexibility & freedom in movement.

  • Power Thru Movement encompasses Somatic Bodywork: embodying knowledge that involves senses, perception and the connection between physical and mental well being.

  • Focusing on the internal experience of movement rather than what it looks like.

  • Somatic Private Sessions & Classes emphasize:

    • Understanding and Practicing powerful skeletal connections

    • Giving your will over to gravity; feeling the weight of the body and its parts.

    • Revisiting reflexes and understanding how to use them

    • Effectively using three-dimensional joints to increase range of motion  

    • Awakening diagonals in our system

    • Finding Posture with ease

    • Focusing on the Solution not the problem.

    • Clear Movement, unobstructed by stiffness, tension and pain, leads to Clear Mind.

    • Finding healing, learning, power and freedom in movement!


Movers at any level from those with daily activity challenges to elite athletes, will learn and benefit from this  powerful process:

  • Active mover

  • Those struggling with movement

  • Persons with joint pain,stiffness or muscle tension

  • Individuals regaining or sustaining daily tasks and  body awareness

  • Workout enthusiasts

  • Those desiring to use movement to relax the mind

  • Athletes/dancers


• Develop a healthy approach to movement

•Obtain body awareness

• Restore movement

• Understand powerful body connections

• Understanding your true postural alignment

• Increase range of motion

• Elongate & strengthen

• Explore joint suppleness and reduce stiffness

• Increase movement efficiency

• Create freedom in your movement

• Ease and less pain during movement

• Increase control over your body

• Recognize proximal to distal movements


• Work with gravity not against it

• Physical and mental empowerment

• Reduce stress

• Enhance your movement capabilities

• Develop versatility in movement

• Acquire agility thru new connections

• Release physical and mental clenching

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