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Happier & More Productive Employees

The state of working has undergone quite a few changes due to COVID-19. We went from hectic, scheduled days to working from home without the same sense of routine and normalcy. More likely than not, your employees may have started to increase their working hours and find themselves working harder now than they ever did before. And while all that work may seem like a good thing, sitting for a prolonged period each day is doing harm to both the mental and physical body! Help your employees release tension, feel more comfortable with posture and movement in their daily tasks, and increase productivity with a positive attitude! A healthy and happy employee is the best kind of employee after all!

Where science meets the healing

art of powerful movement


Business Workshops

Show Your Employees You Care About Their Wellness

  • Tension from long-term desk working and unhealthy posture can cause headaches, pain, and stiffness, keeping your employees from living and working optimally 

  • Our Program can specifically be designed for your employees to find posture with ease and release body tension. 

  • Workshop classes can range from *30 - 60 minutes to fit your company's schedule (*Zoom workshops are 60 minutes)

  • Workshops can be a part of holiday lunches, staff meetings, or any team bonding event

  • Workshops can be done either at your business in person or via Zoom


Reconnect With Yourself


Imagery, the body's natural rhythm, and the power of belly breathing are combined with movement & floor work to permit a greater flow of movement and energy points.

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Learn about your body's inner experiences and outer connectedness to help improve posture, joint, central strength and flexibility & freedom in movement.

Afterschool Enrichment

PTM helps you discover powerful skeletal connections, your reflexes, and joint mobility and how they relate to gravity and weight. Find posture with ease and movement without issue!​​



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Power Thru Movement can be done in our home or yours!


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Pittsburgh, PA 15234

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