"Dana's  program was a success upon implementation... Dana inspires teachers as a mentor/coach as they implement and incorporate movement & rhythm into their classrooms and she serves as support system in all aspects of learning including social relationships and promoting positive behavior techniques. I highly recommend Dana to train and demonstrate her movement & rhythm methods to early childhood professionals."
Jenn Roberts, Director , Kiddie Academy South Fayette

"After many years of weight training and yoga,  I had been experiencing lower back pain along with incredibly tight shoulders.  I was looking to add additional healthy movement to my workout regiment but hadn’t been able to find something “different.” That is when my massage therapist recommended Dana’s movement program.  I did three private lessons and enjoyed it so much that I signed up for a four week group class.  

The breath work coupled with this new way of moving has me hooked.  I practice the movements at home several days per week in between continuing my other exercise classes.  It has been a great addition to my regular exercise routine.  It has also made me more aware of how I am moving throughout my day and more cognizant of areas in my body in which I was “gripping” and putting additional stress. It has also helped reduce my back and shoulder pain issue. I highly recommend Dana’s innovative exercise program for anybody looking to add something extra special to their workout program."

Mary Kay Chaffee, Interior Designer

"After living with ALS for 9 months, I was very frustrated with my rigid  movement and the difficulty I had standing, walking and picking things up. Fortunately, I reconnected with Dana who guides me to find more choices in my movement patterns with relaxation. Dana's unique method of using breathe and imagery gives me sense of freedom and conserves my energy by relaxing those muscles not needed. With these same concepts she  helps me approach maintaining  posture with ease and softening the tension in my shoulders."

Jere Gallagher, Ph.D., Emeritus Professor, University of Pittsburgh  

"Over the past year, my Crohn's disease and medication side effects led to severe inflammation in my joints and muscles. The systemic inflammation impacted my mobility limiting flexibility and routine movement and impacting my daily life. I found myself searching desperately for new and rejuvenating approach to my body's health. Fortunately, I found Dana and her Power Thru Movement approach. Through 1:1 sessions in my home, Dana brought me new awareness about my body, its connectedness, and how to retrain my body's movement through daily practice. I am no longer fighting daily tension in my joints and muscles and moving more easily with less pain. Together, we took these movements to the pool where Dana taught and guided me through a range of aquatic exercises that mimic what we did in my home--which is even more effortless and led to additional improvements for me. I am so grateful for Dana's genuine understanding and compassionate approach to my body's health and wellness."

Jane Null Kogan, Ph.D., Healthcare Researcher 

"After 3 sessions working with Dana, I feel I am on my way to achieving the optimal and safest method of generating daily movement habits, sport mechanics, and postural alignment.   I firmly believe these technique will continue to help me prevent injury, perform optimally, and defy the aging process! "

Elizabeth F. Nagle, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Exercise Physiology , University of Pittsburgh


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