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"I am extremely glad to have had Dana as a guide and healer on my health journey. I came to Dana with notable health related events including two hip replacements and stress-related physical limitations. Dana took time to learn more about my health and life events so that she could understand their impact on my body. Throughout the course of several weeks, Dana provided me with exercises and visualizations that enabled me to become attuned to my body and health. Her knowledge of physiology, patient observation, and intuition often allowed her to point out movement issues that I was only partially aware of. Dana's guidance, support, and affirmations throughout my time with her lead to several notable breakthroughs both physically and emotionally. Best of all, she provided tools and knowledge that I can continue to incorporate into my life. I am very thankful to have had her as a teacher and a healer. I highly recommend her skills and passion to anyone looking for help with their movement issues." 
- Michael Puglin


The movements and imagery Dana has taught me has been empowering. After each session I feel lighter/brighter. Her lessons have helped me learn to connect my mind and body, giving me the daily tools needed for recovery and wellness. As a medical professional seeking lifelong self-care…these techniques are like no other you will come across!

- Collette Gibbons, MSN, FNP, PMHNP


I highly recommend Power Thru Movement for getting in tune with YOU. After only a few sessions, I have become more aware of how my shallow breathing was having an impact on how my body was retaining stress. Learning to "let go" through imagery, I found, is something that really clicked for me. Dana is extremely passionate about her craft and you can feel that energy throughout her classes.

- G. Rico

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I had been exercising (jogging and yoga) but I always seemed to injure myself or be in pain. So I stopped. Then I realized I was going to either have to use it or lose it. I knew I needed to move my body but in a new way. Dana's Somatic Movement was the answer. Now, I'm physically more mindful and aware of how my body moves, sits and stands. I'm also more mindful about my everyday activities, which leads to a more centered life.  The improvements and awareness I've made in class over time is an amazing feeling. It just reminds me that great change can be made with small changes. Dana's belief and enthusiasm for her somatic processes and my health is palpable. Her knowledge of human movement surpasses any teachers I've ever had. I love that I can now return to the activities I used to do with knowledge and freedom, and I can work at my sewing machine tension-free!

- Tereleigh Fabean, Olivia Claire Designs

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"Over the past year, my Crohn's disease and medication side effects led to severe inflammation in my joints and muscles. The systemic inflammation impacted my mobility limiting flexibility and routine movement and impacting my daily life. I found myself searching desperately for a new and rejuvenating approach to my body's health. Fortunately, I found Dana and her Power Thru Movement approach. Through 1:1 sessions in my home, Dana brought me new awareness about my body, its connectedness, and how to retrain my body's movement through daily practice. I am no longer fighting daily tension in my joints and muscles and moving more easily with less pain. Together, we took these movements to the pool where Dana taught and guided me through a range of aquatic exercises that mimic what we did in my home--which is even more effortless and led to additional improvements for me. I am so grateful for Dana's genuine understanding and compassionate approach to my body's health and wellness."

- Jane Null Kogan, Ph.D., Healthcare Researcher

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"After living with ALS for 9 months, I was very frustrated with my rigid movement and the difficulty I had standing, walking, and picking things up. Fortunately, I reconnected with Dana who guides me to find more choices in my movement patterns with relaxation. Dana's unique method of using breathe and imagery gives me a sense of freedom and conserves my energy by relaxing those muscles not needed. With these same concepts, she  helps me approach maintaining  posture with ease and softening the tension in my shoulders."
- Jere Gallagher, Ph.D., (1948-2019) Emeritus Professor, University of Pittsburgh  ​

I have experienced chronic back and hip pain for years. I have tried every type of intervention like pain management, PT, and acupuncture none of which provided substantial relief. I have been doing Power Thru Movement for 4 weeks and I am feeling better than I have in years. The pain in my hips and back is significantly less and I am able to exercise, sleep and sit without being uncomfortable.

- Laurie Mckiernan

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"After 3 sessions working with Dana, I feel I am on my way to achieving the optimal and safest method of generating daily movement habits, sport mechanics, and postural alignment.   I firmly believe these techniques will continue to help me prevent injury, perform optimally, and defy the aging process! "

- Elizabeth F. Nagle, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Exercise Physiology, University of Pittsburgh

"After many years of weight training and yoga, I had been experiencing lower back pain along with incredibly tight shoulders. I was looking to add additional healthy movement to my workout regiment but hadn’t been able to find something “different.” That is when my massage therapist recommended Dana’s movement program. I did three private lessons and enjoyed it so much that I signed up for a four-week group class.  

- Mary Kay Chaffee, Interior Designer

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"Dana's  program was a success upon implementation... Dana inspires teachers as a mentor/coach as they implement and incorporate movement & rhythm into their classrooms and she serves as a support system in all aspects of learning including social relationships and promoting positive behavior techniques. I highly recommend Dana to train and demonstrate her movement & rhythm methods to early childhood professionals."

- Jenn Roberts, Director, Kiddie Academy South Fayette

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