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Child Development

Connected Kids

We are all in a funk, how could we not be all things considered? And for most of us, we can (somewhat) comprehend why things are the way they are. Now think of our kids. They have been living their young, moldable lives, and suddenly, we tell them they can't see their friends or hug their grandparents. As much as our own worlds turned upside down, they may as well have swapped worlds entirely. With so many schools turning to virtual learning, now more than ever, it is crucial to use our resources to create stable environments for them.

Dana's energized practicum  provides childhood educators, parents & therapists the tools to create Meaningful Movement & Rhythm experiences with young children, toddlers, and even infants to Develop Attunement.


Where science meets the healing

art of powerful movement


Attuned Rhythm & Movement

PQAS Approved

For Childhood Educators, Therapists, & Parents

  • Movement and rhythm (not music, rather simple rhythm) supports learning of all disciplines, social relationships, and peaceful environments

  • Teachers will be guided to develop extremely simple attuned rhythms and vocabulary

  • Using basic rhythm patterns can hone in on some of the concepts that creatively address challenging behaviors and classroom harmony

  • Participants will be empowered to create a simple movement vocabulary & lesson plan, use rhythm effectively throughout the day, and find a new joyful approach to teaching!


Why Choose Attunement?

Create moments where the class comes together and develop a bond between teacher and child

Channel Children’s energy to help find peaceful focus and approachability among peers.

Address the individual child in transitions and help them stay connected and present



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Power Thru Movement can be done in our home or yours!


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