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Connected Kids & Educators

My approach to education and basic wellbeing and self-care is

Connect vs. Control. 

We as educators, parents and therapists must be able to connect or be attuned with ourselves to effectively connect with our students and children. By listening to the unspoken language, I have spent decades discovering and cultivating ways to help individuals find attunement within themselves and others.

My Professional Development provides tools of Attunement for educators to attune with themselves and then with their students.  

The beautiful thing is many of these tools are right there at our own fingertips and readily available at any time throughout the day.


Where science meets the healing

art of powerful movement


Attuned Rhythm 

PQAS Approved for 3 Credits
For Educators, Therapists, & Parents

  • Somatic tools to develop body awareness, relieve tension and find space in the body and mind. Combining imagery, breath, self-talk, self-touch, and  rhythm  all on the road to Self-Attunement, the Ultimate in Self-Care. 

  • Discover & Learn the power of movement & rhythm (not music, rather simple repetitive patterns) and how it supports development & learning in individuals of all ages in relationship-based interactions, classrooms and communities.

  • Teachers will be guided to develop Simple rhythmically attuned movements which creatively address individual challenging behaviors and classroom harmony. ~ Tools of Attunement for the Individual (Infant/Toddler/Child even Adult), Family, Classroom & Community. 

  • Participants will be empowered through body awareness and rhythm to effectively use throughout their day and find a new joyful approach to Living and Teaching…Connecting!

  • Based on your needs, we will set your Event/PD up for you thru the PA Keys System and provide and submit 3 credits for all you participants.


Why Choose Attunement?


Create moments where the class comes together and develop a bond between teacher and child

Kids Blowing Bubbles


Educator's and Children’s energy to help find peaceful focus and connections among peers.


Address the individual child in transitions and help them stay connected and present

kids pic with me in it color.jpg
"Dana's  program was a success upon implementation... Dana inspires teachers as a mentor/coach as they implement and incorporate movement & rhythm into their classrooms and she serves as a support system in all aspects of learning including social relationships and promoting positive behavior techniques. I highly recommend Dana to train and demonstrate her movement & rhythm methods to early childhood professionals."

- Jenn Roberts, Director, Kiddie Academy South Fayette



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Power Thru Movement can be done in our home or yours!


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Pittsburgh, PA 15234

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