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Somatic Rebounding

Rebounding is a low-impact exercise using a rebounder (aka a mini trampoline) by
which you safely rebound your own energy through your core.  It’s not about how
high you get but rather how much you give into gravity through the forgiving soft
surface of the Rebounder.

My Somatic Approach to Rebounding is a
Systematic & Effective Safe Process

-Learn how to use your pelvic floor, medial power, and unique biomechanical connections effectively during rebounding and recoiling awareness sessions prior to stepping on the rebounder.

- Progress to low- impact rebounding on a rebounder with knowledge,
release, and fun variations.

- Experience Liberation, Freedom, and Happy Energy!

- I bring a rebounder (aka mini trampoline) to you to get you started!


Where science meets the healing

art of powerful movement


Benefits of
Somatic Rebounding

  • Strengthen abdominal core, back, legs and buttock’s muscles

  • Fun Aerobic exercise with minimal stress on bones and joints

  • Improve balance and coordination

  • Supports bone destiny and bone strength

  • Stimulates the lymphatic system (part of your Immune system)

  • Mental Release! - stress reliever, creates happy energy, increase inner self confidence

  • Improves posture

  • Keeps joints lubricated aiding in arthritis management

  • Fights fatigue

  • Can help and aid in breaking bad habits

  • Improves sleep quality

  • Has anti-inflammatory effects


NASA believes "rebounding is the most efficient, effective form of exercise devised by man"!

~ COVID Protocol ​In Place ~

I can bring a rebounder to you to give it a try & get you started!

Reconnect With Yourself


Imagery, the body's natural rhythm, and the power of belly breathing are combined with movement & floor work to permit a greater flow of movement and energy points.


Learn about your body's inner experiences and outer connectedness to help improve posture, joint, central strength and flexibility & freedom in movement.

Dana LaSota Somatic Rebounding (2).jpg

PTM helps you discover powerful skeletal connections, your reflexes, and joint mobility and how they relate to gravity and weight. Find posture with ease and movement without issue!​​

Connect with me and I will bring
a rebounder to you to get started



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Power Thru Movement can be done in our home or yours!


3001 Cool Springs Drive

Pittsburgh, PA 15234

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