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Boost Your Immune System -Get Rebounding

Updated: Jan 10

Do you want to Stimulate your Immune System and Discover your Happy Energy?

Let's get you Rebounding (Bouncing)!

Rebounding Sessions available in your home or our studios. Connect with me to get started.

My Somatic Approach to Rebounding is a Systematic & Effective safe process:

o Learn how to use your pelvic floor, medial power, and unique biomechanical connections effectively during rebounding and recoiling exercises.

o Progress to low- impact rebounding on a mini trampoline with knowledge, freedom and fun bouncing variations based on individual needs.

o Experience Freedom & Happy Energy!

Benefits of Rebounding:

-Strengthen abdominal core, back, legs and buttock’s muscles

-Fun Aerobic exercise with minimal stress on bones and joints

-Improve balance and coordination

-Supports bone destiny and bone strength

-Stimulates the lymphatic system (part of your Immune system)

- Mental Release!

Connect with me! I bring a mini trampoline to you and get you started! Rebounding Outside or in an open space with Covid protocol in place.

Rebounding Sessions also available at our DCP Studios in Cool Springs Sports Complex.

Stimulate your Immune System and discover your Power Thru Movement!

Read the more how rebounding stimulates the lymphatic system helping the body flush out toxins.

Keep on Moving, Dana

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