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Are You Stuck in Survival Mode?

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

Discovering ways to diminish the effects of stress on your body...

From one challenging moment to the next, the tools are there within us~

In today’s challenging climate, many people feel they are moving from one stressful situation to the next.

  • Some of us have endured traumatic events in our lives without every fully taking the time for self-care thru the body.

  • Others of us recognize the tension created moving from one challenging situations to the next (work, media, traffic, relationships, technology etc.…)

  • Many of us, are not even aware of the stress our bodies have endured because who has the time? …and lets’ face it, awareness can be scary.

We tend to grasp onto gripping or clenching patterns and habits when stressed or stuck in survival mode, leaving our bodies tense and our minds inefficient.

Your body responds to small and large stressors at the somatic sensory input level where the fight, flight or freeze response kicks in. Too much incoming stress can keep us in a constant state of primal survival, wreaking havoc on our bodies and the efficiency of our mind.

The mind body connection is strong and requires a consistent positive healing practice.

The Somatic or Bodily Tools I share connect or reconnect your body with a new awareness. As you establish your own somatic process you will be able to naturally use these tools from moment to moment to reduce the stress response. It’s a wonderful feeling to be able to approach each moment in your day with a supple body and an open clear-thinking mind.


Generally speaking, the medical community is skeptical of delving into a self-healing process through the body. Fortunately for me, one of my dearest friends, with more degrees than most and a compassionate mental health care professional, dove into my somatic approach this summer enlightening both of us:

“The movements and imagery Dana has taught me has been empowering. After each session I feel lighter/brighter. Her lessons have helped me learn to connect my mind and body, giving me the daily tools needed for recovery and wellness. As a medical professional seeking lifelong self-care…these techniques are like no other you will come across!”

~Collette Gibbons, MSN, FNP, PMHNP

I am grateful Collette opened her mind and body to discovering ways to diminish the effects of stress on our body in our daily lives. From one challenging moment to the next, the tools are there within us.

~ The Ultimate in Self-Care!

Dana D. LaSota, MS

Programming Available In-Person and Body Therapy on Zoom

Benefits of Somatic Movement

  • Focus on the body’s solutions to help undo the physical effects caused by adversity and distress

  • Obtain true body awareness ~ a journey to embodiment

  • Reduce stiffness and lessen nagging pain in the lower back, shoulders, hips, and more​

  • Work with gravity not against it! ~Befriend Gravity

  • Release physical and mental clenching to help reduce stress

  • Breath awareness in daily movement

  • Understand and use the power of Structural & Metaphoric Imagery

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