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Self-Attunement ~The Ultimate in Self-Care

Somatic or Bodily Tools provide us with a needed

Balance Between Body & Mind.

Standing in line the other day, I could feel the individuals in front of me scrambling and rushed, one of the partners said to other “breathe”, the reply back was a sharp “I am Breathing!” I am no stranger to this response. How we think, how we move and how we find desired rhythm are all a part of attunement with ourselves. Finding harmony regardless of our situation is an ongoing process. Harmony does not have to look slow, spacey, and carefree~ -Unloading groceries from then car can be Purposeful and in Stride. -Washing the dishes--Light and Distinct. -Revising a document or problem solving--Focused and Flexible.

-Waiting in line—Released and Lengthened Somatic or Bodily Tools provide us with a needed balance between body & mind. Being Attuned with ourselves~ Many of us relate the word attune to rhythm. There is rhythm in everything we do: breathing, heartrate, speaking, walking, gesturing, smiling, laughing, crying moving, eating... When our rhythm is out of sync with the harmony we want to be experiencing, we are lacking attunement within ourselves. Somatic Tools help us make adjustments. How do Somatic Tools work? With most successful processes the first step is awareness. The willingness to actively receive somatic (bodily) information then apply adjustment tools to release tensions and obtain productive energy. ~ The Ultimate in Self Care Discover your Somatic Tools today: Body Therapy on Zoom 30-minute Zoom sessions= $45 (click here to sign-up on scheduling link) 60-minute Zoom Sessions= $65 (connect with me to schedule a 60-minute session)

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