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Body Therapy on Zoom


Wellness in the Workplace


Body Therapy
The Ultimate in Self-Care

In today’s challenging climate, many people feel they are moving from one stressful situation to the next. 


Others may feel they are stuck in a sedentary place beyond their control, yet need to release tension and generate

energy all at the same time.


We tend to create gripping or clenching patterns and habits when stressed or inactive, leaving our bodies tense and our minds inefficient.


I guide you to discover Somatic or Bodily Tools to connect or reconnect your body with a new awareness. As you establish your own somatic process you will be able to naturally use these tools from moment to moment to reduce the stress response in your body and

establish productive energy.


It’s a wonderful feeling to be able to approach each moment in your day with a supple supported body and an open clear-thinking mind.

 Zoom Sessions 
Body Therapy

Wherever you are, I can meet you: behind your desk, stuck in your car, in your office, confined to bed etc.…

30 minute Private Zoom session=$45 

 connect with me to schedule your 30 minute session

60 minute Private Zoom Session=$65

connect with me to schedule your 60-minute session

Venmo @Dana-PTM or Zelle®

Sliding scale available for those in need .

Looking for In-person Sessions? Connect with me or visit Movement Wellness

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Wellness in the Workplace
Businesses & Organizations

Tension from extensive desk, computer and phone time, traveling and unmanaged stress can cause headaches, pain, and stiffness, keeping you (and your employees) from living and working optimally. 

Somatic or Bodily Tools Provide

Supple Supported bodies Evoking

Efficient Minds and Productive Energy



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Power Thru Movement can be done in our home or yours!


3001 Cool Springs Drive

Pittsburgh, PA 15234

"After living with ALS for 9 months, I was very frustrated with my rigid movement and the difficulty I had standing, walking, and picking things up. Fortunately, I reconnected with Dana who guides me to find more choices in my movement patterns with relaxation. Dana's unique method of using breathe and imagery gives me a sense of freedom and conserves my energy by relaxing those muscles not needed. With these same concepts, she  helps me approach maintaining  posture with ease and softening the tension in my shoulders."

 - Jere Gallagher, Ph.D., (1948-2019) Emeritus Professor, University of Pittsburgh