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Befriend Gravity ~

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

Do you feel like you're fighting gravity all day long? …

-Making you Stressed & Exhausted?

-Feeling tight & strained on the outside of your thighs?

-Squeezing your shoulders up to your ears amidst a tense conversation or while driving?

Well, try to think of gravity as a friend. True friends are supportive, comforting, faithful, inspiring and someone that keeps us grounded in our lives ~ Gravity Grounds us!

Dana D. LaSota, MS


*“Grounding is one of the foundational skills in learning to connect with your body. Grounding generally involves balancing the energy in your body by connecting with gravitational forces that hold us securely on the earth.” (Levine & Phillips, 2012)


I know that sounds interesting with all the right words, but how do we put that into action ~How do we befriend gravity without collapsing?

There are a variety of tools you can learn how to effectively apply when moving, sitting, and standing:

~Anatomical & Metaphoric Imagery

~Power of the Pelvic Floor

~Breath Awareness combined with Imagery (caution, it is awareness, not control)

Somewhere in between fighting gravity and completely collapsing is a Beautiful Friendship. I am here to help guide you in that process of constructively connecting with gravity to find natural support & comfort in your body.

*Dr. Peter Levine & his book Freedom From Pain, both inspire and confirm much of my somatic process and continued studies.

I am happy to speak with you about how a somatic process can help you relieve pain and tension in the body and mind ~hence Power THRU Movement



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