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Sustainable Practice for Athletic Longevity

As an athlete or dancer, your body is everything - your instrument, your toolkit, your mental stability. Everything depends on it. The healthiest & greatest athletes and performers are the ones who focus on knowledge and awareness of how their body moves efficiently. Ensuring consistency, longevity and victory, Dana merges her  years of professional experiences and higher education with training from the Franklin Method ® using Dynamic Neuro-Cognitive Imagery DNI™ - a neuro-plasticity training in which one utilizes the power of the mind to increase movement efficiency. If you're looking for more organic, explosive movement, understanding your internal alignment, more flexibility, and an easier recovery process, the Power Thru Movement process is exactly what you're looking for!


Where science meets the healing

art of powerful movement

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Benefits for
Athletes & Dancers

  • Develop a healthy approach to movement during training​

  • Learn how to focus on the quality of your movement

  • Understand powerful body connections

  • Identify and use the power of structural imagery

  • ​Elongate and strengthen​ with proficiency

  • Increase flexibility and range of mobility

  • Increase recovery efficiency

  • Work with gravity not against it

  • Employ imagery to gain internal feedback

  • ​Discover efficient Power thruRebounding

  • Gain knowledge about connective tissue and how to release it

  • Recognize and develop healthy fundamental patterns of movement 

  • Discover and change what gripping patterns may be holding you back

  • Develop versatility in movement


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Imagery, the body's natural rhythm, and the power of belly breathing are combined with movement & floor work to permit a greater flow of movement and energy points.


Learn about your body's inner experiences and outer connectedness to help improve posture, joint, central strength and flexibility & freedom in movement.

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PTM helps you discover powerful skeletal connections, your reflexes, and joint mobility and how they relate to gravity and weight. Find posture with ease and movement without issue!​​

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Power Thru Movement can be done in our home or yours!


3001 Cool Springs Drive

Pittsburgh, PA 15234

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