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Healthy Posture with Ease ~ Applying Imagery

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

In today’s new world, are you searching for a way to think about and develop “good” posture, to find ease and comfort while sitting or standing for long periods of time?

Imagery is one tool that can create that ease. And I don’t mean “foo foo” imagery, like a pretty sunset or the beach. I mean imagery that has a direct effect as to what is going on in your body- your skeletal structure.

I don’t intend to give you an entire anatomy lesson, but simple key elements of our structure we often ignore or don’t even know exist. Using Imagery, we create awareness, both mentally and physically of these key structural elements (i.e. the point of our shoulder blade). This starts the process to find posture with ease consistently.

If you have insight as to what is going on in your body and how you want to feel, then what you know and think (imagery) can positively affect your posture.

Combining Knowledge and Imagery is powerful! -Knowledge about simple skeletal structures and personalized imagery to effectively implement that proper structure.

I focus on a few basic skeletal structures that are easily accessible combined with imagery to help you make consistent effective change in your posture. I don’t lecture you about anatomy and posture, I give you the tools, and you are actively involved, in discovering your healthy posture!

Healthy posture is attainable, and I am certain you can gain the Power thru Movement to reconnect with your healthy posture consistently.

Dana D. LaSota, MS

October 2020

If this resonates with you, begin your discovery of combing Knowledge & Imagery for consistent healthy posture by checking out Power Thru Movement's Zoom Posture & Positive Sensibility Workshops or our Somatic Movement Wellness options.

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