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Movement for the Mind

Updated: Feb 17, 2021


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The New York Times recently published an article about Somatic Movement expressing, “how you are in your body, relates to how you are in your mind and how you move through the world.” Beautifully said and spot on.

As a Somatic Movement Practitioner, I use my knowledge of anatomy, motor development & learning and kinesiology combined with movement, touch, sound, breath, and imagery to deepen individuals’ understanding of themselves in movement. The focus is working with your body, but the awareness of your movement will undoubtedly affect both your mind and spirit.

We often focus on what is going on in our heads to try and “control” or make sense of our emotions or reactions. But focusing on what is going on in your body, may attend to your emotions and reactions.

A noted psychiatrist and researcher in post-traumatic stress, Dr. Bessel Van der Kolk succinctly states this practice “…with focused attention to our bodily sensations, we can recognize the ebb and flow or our emotions and, with that, increase our control over them.” This insightful comment is from Dr. Van der Kolk’s New York Times Bestselling book (one of my favorites) aptly named The Body Keeps the Score.

Don’ t let your body tally up the points, find release for your mind and spirit …find Power Thru Movement.

Dana D. LaSota, MS

Bessel van der Kolk; The Body Keeps the Score, Brain, Mind and Body in the Healing of Trauma; New York, New York, Penguin Books, 2014.

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