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Mental Clarity Begins in the Body

In today's world, we seem to live in a state of chronic stress keeping our bodies on the alert to survive. These high levels of constant stress leave our muscles and joints tight, locked, and clenched which can wreak havoc on our internal body. And when our body is so bound and tense, it's not surprising that the mind can follow suit. Dana merges her own life-altering experiences, years of professional teaching, and higher education with training from the Franklin Method ® using Dynamic Neuro-Cognitive Imagery DNI™ - a type of imagery training for movement. PTM incorporates imagery training to focus on the internal experience of movement rather than what it looks like on the outside. The Power Thru Movement process helps you learn and provides you with tools to relieve your own body’s clenching as a mechanism to release tension and anxiety in the mind. You are your best ally in harnessing freedom of movement and mind!


Where science meets the healing

art of powerful movement

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Stress Relief Through Somatic Movement

  • Release physical and mental clenching

  • Find your happy energy & increase self-confidence thru Rebounding

  • Release of unnecessary holding patterns

  • Awareness of your body, mind, and spirit connection

  • Get Ground ~ befriend gravity

  • Freedom from undue distress and reduce nagging pain

  • Encouragement to live a fully engaged life

  • Increased positive physical awareness

  • Physical and mental empowerment

  • Awaken diagonals to create space

  • Focus on the body’s solutions

       ~ COVID Protocol in Place~

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Reconnect With Yourself

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Imagery, the body's natural rhythm, and the power of belly breathing are combined with movement & floor work to permit a greater flow of movement and energy points.


Learn about your body's inner experiences and outer connectedness to help improve posture, joint, central strength and flexibility & freedom in movement.

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PTM helps you discover powerful skeletal connections, your reflexes, and joint mobility and how they relate to gravity and weight. Find posture with ease and movement without issue!​​



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Power Thru Movement can be done in our home or yours!


3001 Cool Springs Drive

Pittsburgh, PA 15234

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