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Unplug and Reconnect.




The pandemic has forced us to connect in new ways. As an educator, I am acutely aware of the innate human connections we are missing in today’s virtual world.

In my teachings and interactions, I am attuned to others breathing, energy level and intrinsic presence. I find this telling and fulfilling. I sorely miss this attunement when communicating virtually.

o Subconsciously, we all respond to individuals’ body language, facial expressions, vocal dynamics and natural pauses. With virtual communications, this unspoken language is disconnected.

o The internet connection creates a lag between the voice and the unspoken language, creating confusion in our subconscious.

o We may be seated, but our minds are working overtime in this virtual world trying to find that inherent connection. We often find ourselves drained and tense at the end of our days.

With awareness of this disconnect; I’ve made the time to care for myself. I reconnect with myself using a variety of Somatic tools, easing the tension in my body and releasing the weight in my mind.

I am so grateful for the tools that bring harmony into my day as I continue to find Power Thru Movement.

Join me and Discover Somatic Tools to help yourself. I am presently offering:

o Private and Semi-Private Somatic Movement or Rebounding Sessions in the comfort of your home or our studios

o Small Group Somatic Movement Classes are Starting in February.

Covid protocols in place

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