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The Way Others See it!

Updated: Mar 14, 2021




Here is what People are Saying about the many ways to Experience Power THRU Movement~

"I am amazed at how freeing Power Thru Movement classes are. You can be in any shape and at any fitness level and benefit greatly from these classes. Dana’s instructions are encouraging and give you the control to find your own space - space in your head, space between your shoulder blades. I walk away from every class feeling like I can stand taller, straighter and can think better. I trust Dana and her process and highly recommended her classes."

~ Elizabeth S.

"I have experienced chronic back and hip pain for years. I have tried every type of intervention like pain management, PT, and acupuncture none of which provided substantial relief. I have been doing Power Thru Movement for 4 weeks and I am feeling better than I have in years. The pain in my hips and back is significantly less and I am able to exercise, sleep and sit without being uncomfortable."

~ Laurie M.

"I've done everything - yoga, Pilates, dance - and my hips and feet still held so much tension which caused me a lot pain. One Rebounding session and I understand my body in a whole new way. Dana's intuition and instruction are on point. Can't wait for my next session.

~Kristen K.

These reviews and more can be seen on Power Thru Movement’s Google Page.

Connect with me to discuss YOUR Movement Needs and what Somatic Programming will work best for you!

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