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Do You MOVE or Do You MIMIC?

Updated: Oct 31, 2020

Somatic Movement is perceiving movement from within one’s self rather than what the movement looks like on the outside.

Many of our society’s learning and training environments, online movement programs and social media have trained us to mimic what we see others do, rather than experience and understand our movement from within.

Our society is full of so many amazing exercise & fitness teachers and trainers, both online and in-person. I encourage involvement in all these forms. But be aware not to mimic movement -rather effectively learn the movement.

Over time, mimicking movement can result in physical holding patterns causing unnecessary contracting, gripping, body tension, discomfort, and pain.

We must keep moving and all this programming is necessary for us to do just that! This can present a conundrum “I need to exercise, but it’s causing me discomfort due to mimicking.” Good News, the answer to the conundrum lies within a Somatic process… Your Somatic Process.

I guide you thru your process. Providing you with Tools, Knowledge and a safe space allowing you to fully reconnect and discover the power of wholly understanding your body in movement.

This process encompasses body alignment, central strength, and releasing holding patterns leading to unobstructed movement and the ability, in any setting, to effectively learn movement, not mimic it!

You can step whole heartily into your Somatic Process with a variety of in-person options. Or you can begin with the Posture & Positive Sensibility Zoom programming for yourself, friends or employees right from their desk.

Perceiving and learning movement from within, not only restores healthy movement but helps restore clear & creative thinking, hence ~Power Thru Movement

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